The National Economic Empowerment Act No. 16 of 2004

This is an Act which established the National Economic Empowermrnt Council for the promotions and facilitation of ownership of income generating activities and assets by Tanzanians to provide legal and institutional framework for the Council, to establsh the National Economic Empowermrnt Fund and to provide control of the financial affairs of the Council and the Fund; and to provide for the other incidental matters. For more detail about this Act click here.

The National Economic Empowerment Policy

The primary objective of the Economic Empowerment Policy is to provide general guidelines which will ensure that the majority of the citizens of Tanzania have access to opportunities to participate effectively in economic activities in all sectors of the economy. In this regard, sector policies will give preferential treatment to nationals where necessary so as to enhance their bargaining position and opportunities. For more information download the National Economic Empowerment Policy here.