Business Development and Capacity Building to Entrepreneurs


It has been noted that low level of skills, knowledge and education has contributed significantly to poor business management, low productivity, poor quality of products and inability to compete in the local and global markets.  In order to address this, the National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC) is in the process of developing measures to address the situation. Some of the measures include;

  • Carrying out training needs assessment with the aim of understanding the existing capacity and the gap that need to be filed.
  • Facilitate development of entrepreneurship training package and  modules in collaboration with training institutions.
  • Develop an effective entrepreneurship training programmes ( technical and managerial) and devise mechanism for implementing them
  • Facilitate the actual training of entrepreneurs in collaboration with training institutions
  • Build capacity of some  training institution which are in the regions in order to be able to render  trainings to the entrepreneurs including training of trainers ( TOT)
  •  Facilitate development of entrepreneurship training curriculum in collaboration  with respective ministries and institutions which deals with curriculum development

In addition, the Council will collaborate with respective institutions to promote relevant technologies. It will also collaborate with respective ministries in order to find out the possibilities of revising the education curriculum.  

Key questions in relation to Entrepreneurs Training whose answers are provided below:-

 Why Entrepreneurship and Training Program? 

A low level of skills, knowledge, education and lack of resources limit the effective participation of many Tanzanians in economic activities.  A low level of education is amongst the reasons why Tanzanians continue to embrace inhibitive customs and traditions that are disadvantageous to development. Therefore development and implementation of entrepreneurship training programme is a way to address these limitations.

Who are the Beneficiaries?
The training will be offered to individuals, groups, members of SACCOS, companies etc, who are engaged into economic activities. These will cover such sectors like trade, industry, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, tourism, construction, fishing etc

Strategies for Raising Skills and Knowledge Level 
The raising skills and knowledge of the citizens of Tanzania will require  among others the following to be done by NEEC in collaboration with other actors;

  • Facilitating the enhancement of skills, knowledge and experience as well as ability to cope with competition in both domestic and foreign market.
  • Revising school curricula in order to impart entrepreneurship skills to graduate and ensure that they are self confident, innovative and motivated to work diligently.
  • Assisting learning institutions and companies to render material assistance that will encourage most Tanzanians to undertake technical training in institutions that meet their needs.
  • Awareness rising to employers from companies and organisations to see the importance of having skilled employees and   motivate them to budget for skill and knowledge training of its people.

What is in pipeline?

  • The development of entrepreneurship training packages for micro and small entrepreneurs (SME)
  • Facilitation of training programme to entrepreneurs in Mtwara, Manyara, Rukwa Singida Lindi and Dar Es Salaam.

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