Young Graduate Entrepreneurship Clinic is a program designed by NEEC to empower Youth graduating from higher learning institutions through entrepreneurship skills, coaching, mentoring and linking to access to finance by exploring available entrepreneurship opportunities and utilize it. NEEC collaborate with both public and private stakeholders to make the program sustainable towards job creation and income generation.

Overall Objective: To empower young graduate with relevant knowledge, information, skills, and capabilities so as to enable them identify available entrepreneurship opportunities and utilize them.         

Specific objectives of the program are:

Prepare graduates psychologically to think of opportunities related to their profession and change of attitude towards self employment.

  1. Enable young graduates to form groups of people with similar project idea.
  2. Enable young graduates to have interaction with experienced gurus in business, agriculture, mining and manufacturing, construction, health, education.
  3. Link graduates with Banks and Financial Institutions for credit facilities.
  4. Enable graduates with viable business idea to undergo incubation period with SIDO or TPSF and or any other institution willing to participate in the program.
  5. Enable colleges and universities students understand the available opportunities in labour and investment market.
  6. To provide forum for Young University graduates for discussion of ideas and practices of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  7. To provide opportunity to young graduates to interact with successful motivational and professional speakers who allow youth to question and develop their own beliefs regarding issues encountered in their careers.

 Rationale for Young Graduate Clinic

The total population of Tanzania was estimated to 42.7 million by July 2011 (World Fact Book), 33% of the total population constitutes of youths, and 68% of the active labour force is young people.  According to the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, the enrollment in all education institutions counted at 11,183,590 in the year 2011.  Out of these, about 169,000 young men and women were in Colleges and Universities .According to the Integrated Labour Force Survey 2005/06 shows unemployment rate of 11.7% for the whole country.  The incidence of unemployment among the youth is relatively high, which is 60% of all people who are unemployed.

Youth unemployment among young graduate is also high as shown by the fact that, youth from primary, secondary and high learning institution entering the labour force annually is more than 700,000, but only 40,000 get employment into formal sector.

Focused Group

The programme is implemented by NEEC in collaboration with other stakeholders. It involves conducting workshops for graduating students from Higher Learning Institutions in all courses regardless of their specialization with focus to those with business or project ideas. The training is conducted immediately after students have completed their field of study and is carried out at the respective selected institution.

 Expected Outcome.

At the end of the program the following outcome are expected;

  1. 900 students from higher learning institutions trained.
  2. New projects run/owned by the participating graduates
  3. Banks and financial institutions offer credit facilities to graduate bankable projects.
  4. Corporate organizations support graduates to start up business.
  5. Established linkages between students and banks/financial institutions and corporate organizations.
  6. Students linked with prominent business men and professionals for coaching and mentoring.
  7. Employment opportunities created as result of project established under this program.
  8. Policy enabling environment created for improved access to finance to the Youth.
  9. Reduction of youth involvement in criminal activities.
  10. Increased in tax due to business established under the program.