Maswali Yaulizwayo Mara kwa Mara

Kazi za Baraza ni zipi?

  1. To develop and facilitate implementation of sectoral and multi-sectoral strategies for mobilisation and utilization of resources for economic empowerment activities;
  2. To encourage and promote savings, investment and meaningful participation of citizens in economic activities;
  3. To operationalise, manage, administer and identify sources of funds for a citizens loan/guarantor fund;
  4. To facilitate and coordinate empowerment and entrepreneurship training programmes for various groups of citizens depending on their needs and challenges;
  5. To collaborate with various institutions and organizations for the purpose of promoting empowerment and access to services relating to economic opportunities;
  6. To promote research on economic activities and foster linkages with research institutions;
  7. To develop an effective mechanism for monitoring the progress of economic empowerment activities and establish an empowerment information management system;
  8. To perform any other functions as may be directed by the Council/or the Government
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National Economic Empowerment (NEEC) is an apex body established by an Act of Parliament No 16 of 2004 and charged with the responsibility of supervising, monitoring and coordinating all economic empowerment activities.

These are Institutions/organizations Engaged in Economic Activities In accordance with the National Economic Empowerment Act, Section 25 (1), NEEC is supposed to establish a register of institutions and organisations engaged in economic activities.