The key documents or publications associated with mandates and work of NEEC are:- The National Economic Empowerment Policy and the National Economic Empowerment Act.  To put the foregoing into action NEEC came up with the first Five Year Strategic Plan (2007/8 - 2012/13) and subsequently the second Five Year Strategic Plan (2013/14 – 2017/18). Those two documents depict clearly that the key mandates of NEEC are to facilitate and coordinate empowerment initiatives in a logical sequence and as guided by the designed objectives and strategies. The key purpose of the strategies is to enable Tanzania citizens not only to utilize the available economic resources and opportunities but also to ultimately participate effectively in building their economy. NEEC reports its planned, on-going or completed works through regular Work Briefs and Newsletters. There are also more comprehensive occasional reports of completed research or project activities as well as conference/workshop papers as well as various guidelines concerning Economic Empowerment. Selected speeches on various matters of empowerment can also be accessed in the NEEC Website.

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