Isaac Z. Dirangw

Isaac Z. Dirangw

Mr. Dirangw has a Master of Science in Information System from the University of Portsmouth (UK), in 2003; A Bachelor of Arts in Statistics from the University of Dar es Salaam, in 1997. He has attended various short courses on China counterpart connection industry transfer for Tanzania (Beijing China 2016), Engendering National Budget and Strategic Planning Programme (Mombasa kenya 2002), Management and harmonisation of MTEF, MKUKUTA, and information Technology skills programme (Kampala Uganda 2006), Best Practices in Public Expenditure Management Programme (Mombasa Kenya 2006) and Financial Management of Donor Funded Programme (Pretoria South Africa (2007).

Experience of more than 12 years in researches; data analysis; Government budget (MTEF) and IT fields. Served at Tanzania Cigarette Company, Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre and Ministry of Health and Social welfare, and currently working at National Economic Empowerment Council as ICT Manager.


  1. neec@uwezeshaji.go.tz
  2. isaac.dirangw@uwezeshaji.go.tz
  3. dirangwjorojick@yahoo.com