The purpose of the new NEEC five year Strategic Plan (2013/14 – 2018/19) is to strengthen facilitation of implementation of the key Council mandates as defined in the guiding Policy and Act (both of 2004). It takes cognizance of recent key developments in the economy. These developments include but are not limited to the Kilimo Kwanza initiative, Public Private Partnership (PPP) as well as the Big Results Now (BRN) initiative. Whereas the Vision and Mission of the NEEC remain relatively the same, there are major changes in the strategic objectives which will guide the new Strategic Plan. Indeed the new Strategic Plan is based on fewer objectives and strategies when compared to the previous plan.

Through the new Strategic Plan, NEEC will undertake its key mandates of facilitating and coordinating and other necessary initiatives in a logical sequence as guided by the designed objectives and strategies. The purpose will be to enable Tanzanians not only to utilize the available economic resources and opportunities, but also to ultimately participate effectively in building and owning a large part of their economy.

It is expected that the new Strategic Plan will make it possible for the NEEC to;

  1. Enhance its ability to respond effectively to its roles and responsibilities of coordinating, facilitating  and monitoring implementation of the Economic Empowerment Policy of 2004
  2. Build effective networks and partnerships with stakeholders on new developments and exploit available opportunities for sustainable national economic growth, and
  3. Carry out monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the Economic Empowerment initiatives.

The NEEC will put in place a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system to track the implementation of the strategic plan.  The M&E system will be used to compare planned targets against achievements. This will enable NEEC and relevant stakeholders to detect deviation from the target plan in time and make the corresponding remedies.

The document is on draft and will be available soon after completion.